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Company profile

Founded on February 18 th, 1952
Representative President   Takanobu Kawaguchi
Capital 676.4 Million Yen
Number of employee 648 Number of employee in group: 2,790 (As of March, 2018)
Domestic operations Head office (Fuchu, Tokyo)
Factories (Sayama Factory, Tokyo Factory, Kameyama Factory, Suzuka Factory)
R&D Facility (Tochigi Technical Center)
Sales office : Tochigi, Sayama
Business activities Manufacure of automotive parts such as aluminum die cast product
(engine parts, transmission parts), Manual transmission, Differential, Suspension parts
(Knuckle assembly, Hub), etc.
Main customers Jatco, Ltd.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
Meidensha Corporation


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