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Code of Conduct

Under the management philosophy of Yanagawa group, we have expanded the business internationally as driving force of dream realization, and has built the trust from our customers and the community, while sharing joy with the people worldwide. Independent actions of each of us are required in various countries and regions worldwide in order to promote international business development of the regional entity.
"Code of Conduct" is a summary of that we are striving daily.  Let's proceed efforts together to become a "company that expects to exist", as more reliable trust of customers and society, by each of us sharing "Code of Conduct".



In order to enhance the trust of society, we are working continuously to strengthen the Compliance.

"As a member of society, I will faithfully comply with the laws, corporate rules and social norms."


Ⅰ "Compliance"

<Proper understanding of the laws and regulations>
With proper understanding and complying the content and spirit of the relevant laws and regulations, grasp the revision trend and take proper action.


<Action to the unknown interpretation>
If you have questions about the interpretation of laws, check with department in charge, government agencies or experts outside the company for proper understand of the contents.


<Action at the violation>
If you discover an act or risk of violations with the laws, report, propose, or consult to the supervisor or Business Ethics Improvement Proposal Line.


<Report and notification to government agencies>
Report and notification to the government agencies that are required by the laws and regulations are properly conducted.


Ⅱ "Compliance with company rules"

<Proper understanding of the company rules>
Proper understanding and comply with the content and spirit of the related corporate rules, and handle properly if there is a revision.


<Action to the unknown interpretation>
If you have questions about the interpretation of the corporate rules, check with the rulemaking department for proper understand of the contents.


<Action at the violation>
If you discover an act or risk of violations with the laws, report, propose, or consult to the supervisor or Business Ethics Improvement Proposal Line.


<Report and notification>
Report and notification that are required by the company rules are properly conducted.


Ⅲ "Compliance with social norms"

As a member of society, behave ethically along the social common sense.


Traffic Safety
As a company that belongs to automotive industry, we are working on safe driving promotion activities.

"I will follow the traffic rules and manners, and strive to safe driving."


Environmental protection
As a responsible member of society, we are committed to protecting the global environment through all of our business activities.

"As a member of society, I will act positively to protect the environment."


<Reduction of the environmental impact>
We will strive to reduce the environmental impacts by promoting resource saving, energy-saving and recycling in accordance with environmental protection laws, company policy, and corporate standards upon business conduct.


Social contributions
We strive to contribute to society through business activities. In addition, we are working on social activities, in order to fulfill its social responsibility as a corporate citizen.

"Strive to play a role that is expected in the society, along with the understanding of the concept to society contribution."


Company assets
To achieve business purpose, owns and manages the tangible and intangible company resources as a management resource.

"Along with proper handling of the company resources, do not perform an act contrary to the company interests or an act that damages the value of the company resources."


<Management of the company assets>
Facilities, equipment and jigs, products and parts, the company loaned goods, money, intellectual property and all other company resources are properly managed in accordance with internal rules, and not to use other than business purposes.


<Prohibition of the conflicts of interest>
Does not act to promote the interests of the self, customer or a third party against company's profit.


Information management
Will properly protect and manage confidential information and personal information that company owns, in order to carry out a proper business operations.

"I will handle the confidential information and personal information, appropriately."


<Management of the confidential information>
Manage appropriately with company's confidential information, business partner's information, and personal information of customers and employees in accordance with laws and company rules.


Health and safety
In order to maintain a work environment where each employee in Yanagawa group can work with peace of mind, properly manage the risk of the work environment, and create safe and healthy workplace.

"I will comply with the company rules, and will strive to maintain safe and hygienic workplace and prevent occurrence and expansion of the disasters."


<Maintenance of the safe and healthy workplace>
Keep in mind to maintain arranged, tidy, and clean workplace, and strive to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.


<Prevent accidents>
Comply workplace rules, and strive to improve the unsafe actions and state.


<Reports of the abnormal or malfunction>
If you have found anomalies and defects in the workplace, report immediately to the supervisor.


<Action in the event of a disaster>
Always grasp the emergency response procedures and contacts, and put highest priority on the safety of human life in the case of a disaster, and will strive to prevent the spread of damage.


Respect for human rights
We will continue to be a sincere and fair company to respect human rights.

"I respect the human rights, and does not make, such an unreasonable discrimination and harassment."


<Prohibition of the discrimination>
Not to make unreasonable discriminatory behavior based on personal attributes.


<Prohibition of the harassment>
Will not do any kind of harassment, such as, sexual harassment and power harassment.


We strives long-term and developing trade, based on the relationship of trust with suppliers under free competition, as a fair company.

"Keeps fair and healthy relationship with our suppliers."


<Compliance with laws and company rules related to Dealings>
Comply with laws and company rules relating to the Dealings.


<Prohibition of the gifts and entertainment>
Not to give or receive gifts and entertainment more than normal social conventions with suppliers.


<Prohibition of the unreasonable use with job title or authority>
Not to receive or give unreasonable expediency from interested parties, by using a job title or authority.


The relationship between the political and administrative
Keeps a healthy relationship with the politics (political organizations and politicians) and government (the government and its officials), as independent private company.

"We will be in healthy contact with the politics and government, according to the laws and social common sense."


<Prohibition of the gifts and entertainment>
We will not perform excessive gifts and entertainment that are prohibited by laws or exceeds the range of business practices and the general social common sense, against domestic and foreign politicians and government officials.


In order to continue to be a highly transparent company, we are working to promote the smooth communication of in the company, along with the appropriate communication with the stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, shareholders/investors, and local communities.

"Will strive practically to appropriate and smooth communication."


<Timely and appropriate disclosure of information>
Make the appropriate disclosure according to laws and company rules, if involved in the disclosing information to the outside.


<Communication with stakeholders>
Correspond faithfully to the opinions and inquiries from stakeholders.


<Communication in the workplace>
In order to have harmonious work, strive smooth communication at the workplace.


Block the relationships with anti-social forces and organizations
Confront with the firm attitude against anti-social forces and organizations, and we will not have any involvement.